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Sports Car Chassis Designs-2nd

PREFACE The aim of this book is to provide information on the more advanced types of chassis and suspension in a form which will be understood by the large majority of motoring enthusiasts. Technical terms and formulae have been kept to a minimum, but those which are considered essential for the more serious student of […]

The Automotive Chassis : Engineering Principle (3rd Ed.)

Bingung cari referensi tentang sasis mobil (strukturnya, materialnya, manufacturingny,dll), please have a look at this preview first… silahkan sedot dilink Reimpell, Stoll, Betzler – The Automotive Chassis (2nd Edition)

Advanced Vehicle Technology (2nd Edition)

Bagi temen2 yang pengen tahu teknologi2 yang diaplikasikan pada industri otomotif roda 4, ebook ini cocok banget. Berikut previewnya : untuk download, klik disini…