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Nice explanation and review about F1 driver….
I still prefer Vettel as the No.1. But, I appreciate that !

Stephen English.ie

December is always a time to take stock of the year gone by so here’s my top ten drivers of Formula 1 2012!

Fernando-Alonso-Pastor-Maldonado-Kimi-Raikkonen-Barcelona-race-start-20121. Fernando Alonso (World Championship: 2nd, Victories: 3, Pole positions: 2)

In a 20 race season Alonso was able to consistently get the maximum from his car. When the season opened the Ferrari was considerably off the pace and it seemed that Fernando would endure a miserable season however a superb wet-weather victory in Malaysia gave the Spaniard some early season momentum. A run of races where Alonso dragged everything possible from his ill handling car kept him in championship contention.

Taking three victories in this years Ferrari was an amazing achievement but for Alonso to have had arguably two of the best victories of his illustrious career-Malaysia and Valencia-showed his range of talents. By mid-season the Ferrari was more of a match for the…

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  1. There are no words to describe how bodociaus this is.

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