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Sports Car Chassis Designs-2nd

The aim of this book is to provide information on the more advanced
types of chassis and suspension in a form which will be understood by the
large majority of motoring enthusiasts. Technical terms and formulae
have been kept to a minimum, but those which are considered essential
for the more serious student of design are contained in appendices at the
end of the text. And for those to whom .. stress” and .. strain” would
appear to mean much the same, there is a list of such expressions, with
brief explanations, in the Glossary.
It is hoped that this work will do something to promote better under-
standing of the – finer points of design-a subject on which very little has
been published in the past-and perhaps help would-be chassis builders to
avoid some of the more obvious pitfalls which await them. It cannot be too
strongly emphasised that the basic requirements for success in this sphere,
as in many others, are awareness of all the difficulties involved and ability
to integrate innumerable conflicting elements into a balanced design. If
expense is no object it should be possible to achieve almost any goal, but
most cars-even racing cars-are designed with cost very much in mind
and, strange as it may seem, these are often the most successful ones.
It would be impossible to write a book of this kind without outside
assistance, and in this case our thanks are due particularly to James
Allington, who supplied the drawings, Gilbert McIntosh, who was re-
sponsible for most of the material in Appendix I, and Keith Duckworth,
who helped with the compilation of Appendix III. Valuable assistance was
also afforded bv personnel of several of the firms mentioned in the text.

Spring, 1961 M.e

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